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Document and Content Management

Document Management for our current times, allowing all of the options you expect from a modern Content Management Tool. Our software is not based on old legacy code, that is extended and stretched beyond it's original intention, but is built with the most modern and robust technology currently offered.

Tank Monitoring

Providing the most modern Tank Monitoring Solutions for every possible application, starting from small home based monitoring, all the way to large scale customer and logistics management.

Video Game Accessories

Consoleplus.Com provides a wide selection of the latest Video Game accessories for an affordable price.

Flawless Chaos

Ideas for a healthy and earth friendly living lifestyle, updated daily.

 Our Story

Our Story

Timitoo was founded in 2016 and covers a number of technical areas that traditionally do not have much in common. With the growth of the internet, the cloud and the Internet of Things, these areas have a synergy, that our companies represent.

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